About Me

WHO AM I? Denise Chapman, a Leader in the Direct Sales Industry

Join MONAT with a leader in direct sales! I have a passion for this industry and have been very successful to date. In my first nine months in my very first company, I personally sponsored over 500 people globally and had over 3000 retail customers! I won 3 awards and became the number one sponsor in Canada and Top 3 in the world.

Join MONAT UK Canada USA About Denise Chapman Leader New MLM Business OpportunitySince joining MONAT I have received numerous awards and standings in the company:

  • Top 10 Earner in Canada
  • #1 VIP Enrollments
  • #1 Personal Sponsoring
  • #1 Personal Volume
  • Full Page Feature in Dream Bigger Magazine
  • Cadillac Earner
  • Multiple Trips Earned

Something I believe has been critical to my success is that I care about my team. YOU matter to me. Your success is important to me. I value you as a partner and will do my best to help you in every way that I can.

I do this as a career, not a hobby. It’s important for you to have a great sponsor that knows how to build an INTERNATIONAL team! Let me help you build your Hair Empire! UK, Canada and the USA!

My team benefits from my industry knowledge but also from my background in marketing and graphic design… as well as being a self-employed business owner for 18 years. These things matter. I’m not a babe in the woods freshly starting out. Let me help you.

I am looking for leaders in Canada, UK and the USDA. People that are self-motivated to lead the MONAT charge. This is a massive multi billion dollar industry and we have revolutionary products that will change people’s lives. I’m all for that! How about you?

If you don’t want to feel like you’re just a number… check us out. I feel right at home and appreciated, all the way to the top. MONAT really is a family.

Join MONAT UK New mlm launch

UK Join MONAT! We Just Launched Feb 9, 2018! Become a Founder!

Call me toll free from the U.S. and Canada at 1.888.588.8995
From the UK Call 0-808-134-9903